Hi all,

I'm trying to add an existing eDirectory server to a new tree - both
running on Windows platform - for set up a replica. Actually we have two

A) eDirectory v. 8.8 sp5 on Windows 2003 Server
B) eDirectory v. 8.8 sp8 on Windows 2012 R2 Server

For Linux environment I understand that there is ndsconfig (or
ndsmanage) tool for do this, but there is a similar one for Windows

I also tried to use ndsconfig on a Linux eDirectory installation but it
seems that it only tries to add itself to the target tree... I'm using
the command as follow:

ndsconfig add -S <hostname of server A> -t <tree name of server B> -n
<context of server B> -a <admin> -p <IP address of server B>.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to use ndsconfig tool on a Linux
machine for add a windows eDir server to another target tree?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

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