I have discovered a strange anomaly with the NMAS authorizations in the
eDirectory tree at my client. I have recently installed User
Application (it just does LDAP binds) and during my troubleshooting of
slow logins, I discovered that the problem was tied to the User NMAS

During troubleshooting the issue, I came across many many users who WERE
NOT authorized for ANY of the NMAS methods, and then many many users who
WERE authorized for ALL the NMAS methods. Those Users who were
authorized logged in to User Application just fine; those Users who were
not authorized were not able to log in to the User Application.

My question is four-fold:

1. When would a case such as this (some Users Authorized, some Users
not Authorized) occur?
2. How do I check the actual number of Users who have not been
authorized for the NMAS methods that exist in the Tree?
3. How to I authorize the Users from the above list for the NMAS
methods (where is that data stored, for example)?
4. Will anything break if I go around authorizing all the Users?



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