just finished my nice powershell-script to backup eDirectory and NICI on
my servers.

abstracting my 'strategy' (daily full backup):
backup NICI
dhostcon.exe $localIP load dsbk backup -f $NICIBakFilePath -l
$NICILogFilePath -e $NICIBakPwd

start a new roll-forward log:
dhostcon.exe $localIP load dsbk setconfig -r $eDirRFLPath -L

backup eDir:
dhostcon.exe $localIP load dsbk backup -b -f $eDirBakFilePath -l
$eDirLogFilePath -w

but then i wondered why my nici.bak and my edir.bak were nearly of same
size and backup took the same time as well. so, rereading the
documentation it said under 17.6 Backing up and Restoring NICI:
".. The database key required to open the DIB is wrapped with NICI keys.
Hence if an eDirectory backup is perfomed independent of NICI backup
then it is of no use. .."
the -e switch enables ".. 1. Backing up the NICI keys when an eDirectory
backup is run .."

just to make sure: if i do backup that way i only need to two things (in

1. start a new roll-forward log
2. backup like: dhostcon.exe $localIP load dsbk backup -b -f
$eDirBakFilePath -l $eDirLogFilePath -w -e $NICIBakPwd

thanks for your input, florian

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