Since I know how to send emails from NOC, now another task appears -
how to filter alarms in order to not send emails every time I restart
BDI adapter, or every time when BDI adapter performs scheduled queries.
For example, I want to send an email once, when critical alarm on this
element appears for the first time. But if I set automation filter
"Critical alarm opened" or "Element in critical condition" - emails are
being sent every 3 min as it is scheduled in BDI. Don't know why, every
time I restart BDI adapter the ID alarm column in Alarms view is updated
as if it were a new alarm. Consequently it is impossible to track alarm
history. That is why NOC considers that new critial alarm is opened and
sends email in response, and overflows my mailbox with the same

So I have a couple questions:
1. how to configure BDI adapter in order to enable alarm history, so
that it would keep alarm ID for the element and not change it whenever I
restart the adapter? I have a key property "status_id" taken from
database, but Alarm ID column in Alarms view doesn't match it. Why?
2. how to create an automation filter, which would filter in elements
being in CRITICAL condition for the last 10 min? I mean, to send emails
only if the element unavailable more than 10 min in order to inform
Service Desk? I found out in Monitoring Guide that it is possible to
define custom filters. I'd like to define a rule that time of condition
change should be less or equal to (CurrentTimestamp-10 min), but I
haven't found how to do it.

Thank you in advance,

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