Ok, so we have two instances of MO4.7 as production, both Data
Warehouses are ~150Gb in size.
The BSW Historical Data Purge seems to be doing it's job just fine here,
the size of the databases are more or less constant.

Then we also have our dev installation, but here the Purge job doesn't
seem to be doing anything - the size of our database is forever growing,
currently it's somewhere around 330Gb in size. End of last year when I
started logging the size it was around 280Gb.
We have had problems with the Purge job not running for several months
here, but now it's fixed and the job seems to be running just fine every
Although the formula.trc reports that alarms and series are being
purged, the size of the database and tables are still growing.

In the Data Warehouse Profile we have "retain this data" set to 90 days
in production, and only 10 days in development, but this doesn't seem to
have any impact.

Any idea what could be the problem? Why is the database still growing?

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