I'm testing platespin to see if it will work for a fairly important
migration job and am a bit confused about something.

I'm migrating from Citrix XenServer to Hyper-V 2012. I cannot get
platespin to understand Hyper-V 2012 so I have booted into the ISO and
sucessfully migrated a machine, however, the machine goes offline and
"reboots" on the destination end.

This is fine and I can live with this, however, there seems to be no way
to control WHEN that happens, i.e. it just happens when everything is
copied over. Since this is a very large VM (800-odd gig) and i only have
a 1GB link between the machines, this could end up being in the middle
of the day.

Is there a way to pre-stage everything, have the destination VM sitting
and waiting, then hit a button on demand (which will be done out of
hours) and have any changes that have been made since the initial copy
(and/or have the changes constantly replicating) copied over and then do
the shutdown source/boot up destination process?

Without this the whole process seems fairly useless.. I'm sure I'm
missing something but i cant seem to find what i want in the help


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