I installed Windows Server 2008 sp2 32-bit in VMware Workstation 9 and
PlateSpin Migrate still gives me the IIS is running in 64bit
error during the installation. So could someone please explain this one
to me? I'm trying to duplicate my server setup in an isolated VM
network for testing and I have an OES2 and OES11 server with NSS
volumes. So VMware converter won't do it.

So can someone please help me get PlateSpin Migrate working?

[image: http://milfordcentral.org/screenshot.png]

I've wasted Saturday and much of this Sunday trying to get everything
setup just so I can P2V these servers. P2Ving these servers isn't the
end of the goal that's so I can actually do some testing before
deploying IDM 4.0.2 on my production network. I'm rapidly running out
of time and this wonderful product is jerking my chain when what I
really need is it just to work, so I can. If I can't get the EVAL to
run on a 32-bit server OS you can sure bet I'm not likely to spend money
on it.

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