*NetIQ is pleased to announce the release of NetIQ Secure
Configuration Manager 5.9 Service Pack 1.*

This release addresses several customer needs and improves usability.
Many of the improvements were made in direct response to suggestions
from our users.

*Updated OS Support*

You can install Secure Configuration Manager Core Services, database,
and console on a computer running Windows Server 2012. You also install
the console on a Windows 8 computer.

*Updated Windows Agent*

This service pack includes the latest Windows agent: 'NetIQ Secure
Configuration Manager Windows Agent 5.9. Service Pack 1'

You can monitor the following Windows endpoint types:

- Windows Server 2012
- Windows 8
- SQL Server 2012


Some of the enhancements in this service pack include providing more
information about the agent's last activity and improving your ability
to schedule jobs. You can also hide exceptions when you distribute or
export a report.

For a complete list of the software fixes and enhancements, see the
'Release Notes for v5.9.1'

*Additional Information*

You can install this service pack as a full release in a clean
environment or upgrade from Secure Configuration Manager 5.8 Service
Pack 2 or later.

To download this product, see the 'Secure Configuration Manager Service
Packs Web site'

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