As part of our migration from NSL on eDir to NSL on AD, we will also be
upgrading from NSL 3 to NSL 7.

Our current plan is to deploy the NSL 7 as a "green field" environment
and ask the users to setup their application credentials again (most of
it will be done by the script, it's just the password that will have to
be manually re-entered the one time)

I was wondering if anyone has had any success in a one-time sync of the
NSL credentials from eDir to AD and from version 3 to version 7 ?

Is this even possible ? Would we have to run the NSL 7 database in NSL
3 mode to ensure the credentials come across correctly ?

We have IDM 3.5 in our environment, so we can easily sync attributes
between eDir and AD as required.

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