Or at least it's inconsistent. If I assign the value of $Username or
$Password to a local runtime variable DisplayVariables will display
that, and that alone. Attempting to display multiple runtime variables
(DisplayVariables "Please enter a new PIN and confirm it" ?NewPIN
?ConfirmPIN) doesn't display anything at all.

Is there some method to its use that's undocumented?

What I'm trying to do is simple:
1.) Have the user enter the current PIN, new PIN and confirm the new
2.) Perform a validation (either using a policy or in script) of the
new values
3.) Submit them to the application
4.) If the application reports success, to update $Password for the

It's maddening. Any help understanding a method that I could accomplish
this is appreciated. I've figured out most or all of everything else
that I need to do.

Thanks, Jeff

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