Does anyone have experience on distributing SecureLogin as msi-package
thru AD Group Policy. We are trying to do GP distribution, but we are
having some problems with it. Firstly, as GP install only accepts
MSI-packages but we would need to have the latest hotfix (msp-package)
included to the install. Any help on how to do so?

Second and more important question is about passing installation
settings. You cannot have any commandline parameters given to the GPO
thus cannot include the ini-files that the normal install generates. We
tried on editing the msi-package and giving the necessary
property-values, but it didnt install properly. Firstly, Firefox plugin
didnt install at all and secondly, if I open "manage logins", I get an
error that says "Unable to load scptedit2.dll". With IE, the logging in
actually works, thus the parameters (AD-ADAM installation) seem to work,
but the whole thing doesnt quite work as it should.

Anyone else have experiance on deploying the client thru AD Group

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