Hi All

Just to let you know we've been seeing random reports of the following
two errors on our NSL 7.0.3 deployment (AD mode):

1. 'Securelogin encountered an error trying to authenticate' (seen when
NSL starts up, I guess this is when it is trying to generate the
passphrase/setup initial config
2. 'Your password or PIN is incorrect' (seen when trying to unlock the
system tray icon)

The issue only seemed to affect certain machines, so you could take a
user who was seeing message 1, log them in on a working machine which
then generated the hidden passphrase etc. correctly and then they were
able to go back to a broken machine and work fine (although when trying
to unlock tray icon they still got error 2, but NSL apart from that
worked OK)

It turns out the problem was with the network provider keys in the


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\NetworkProvider\Order
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\NetworkProvider\HwOrder


There was a blank entry in the text values for these keys e.g.


Good value = LanmanWorkstation, RDPNP, WebClient, PnSson, SLCredman
Bad value = LanmanWorkstation, RDPNP, WebClient,, PnSson, SLCredman (this is bad)


Im guessing the blank entry acts as a delimiter during the parsing of
valid name resolution providers, so anything after the blank entry is
not actively queried and as SLCredman is what is used by SecureLogin
then it never gets queried.

I removed the blank entry and rebooted PC and everything now works fine
(I guess I could have also moved SLCredman to start of list but thought
I would fix it properly)

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