Hello SecureLogin Fans,

we are running SecureLogin 7.0.3 HF4 on Windows Server 2008 R2 acting as
Citrix XenApp servers. We are very frequently get the error message:

"An administrator has enabled and set the password on your account. For
security reasons, as password options are available to you, SecureLogin
requires you to login at least once with your password."

which disables all SecureLogin functionality and the user has to logoff
and logon again. We have a very complex infrastructure with Active
Directory and Novell eDirectory in place and drivers synchronizing user
accounts existing in both Directories. I have already enabled for my
account all Debugging options and I have many debug files.

Does someone know what causes this error message (definitely nobody has
reset the password manually) or for what i have to check the Debug files
to find the reason. May i find the reason in the registry or the Event
Log? We have checked the timestamp of the password set attribut
pwdLastSet in AD but this has not changed. :-(

Any help is appreciated.

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