I have created a application using the Generic Wizard in 7.03 for a web
page login. The idea is that we can dsitribute this definition so users
do NOT get the credentials (the website is a megadollar subscription).

This works beatifully for the account the definition was created on.

I then copy the Application and Credentials using iManager 2.7.6 with
SecureLogin plugin but the resulting copy has only 1
character of the password copied. The Login name is complete though.

If I then edit the SecureLogin configuration for the "target" user in
iManager to re-enter the correct password - it is stored properly and

So it seems that the Copy process for Credentials is not working
correctly even though it says "copy completed successfully". SecureLogin
is running against eDirectory in our case.

Is this a known issue ?

Does anyone use this process successfully and if so what version plug-in
are you running ?

Ian Blackwood

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