I would like to close a Windows Terminal emulator using the Windows
Commands/Keys: Alt+F4.

I done it for different applications but with the terminal emulator
script it does not work.

I have tried:
Type \Alt+\|115
Type -raw \Alt+\|115
Type \|18+115

Every time I see the command inside the terminal emulator: \Alt+\|115 or
\Alt+\|115 or \|18+115

Now if I do hit "manually" : Pressing "Alt" and "F4" , it works ...

I know I can "kill" the application but if there are 2 different
sessions, both are killed ...
I have tried "KillApp - Title "title of the windows terminal emulator""
=> does not kill the apps ...

Any suggestion or idea ... ?

Tx for your help ...


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