iīm having trouble adding an application definition to a container,
where all users inherit their appl-defs from.

itīs windows ad-integrated securelogin v. 6.0.5 on windows server 2003.

problem arose as i updated (done automatically with a script with the
help of slaptool) an existing definition, which did work fine on 80
domains, but in one domain the application definition (for Lotus Notes
unfortunately) was no longer there after the update.

then i manually imported the .xml, after that i can see the definition,
but when i close the management interface on the 2003-server (locally
installed sso-client) and reopen it - i canīt see the application
definition anymore.

i can delete (old) application definitions or modify existing ones,
thatīs stored in AD, but no way to add a new one (which is fatal,
because the update made the appl-def for 'Lotus Notes' disappear.

adsschema.exe was kicked into service (means i started the .exe and
chose extend acl) to fix any problems with rights in AD, but still, not
solved. repairing the installation via appwiz.cpl did not do the trick

anyone seen something like that before or an idea what might be the
reason for my problem?

thanks in advance, florian

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