Base-Situation: a customer of ours want to migrate from a Win 2003
Domain to a new Win 2008 Domain. The migration is done with ADMT (Active
Directory Migration Tool). Protocomm-Attributes are migrated.

SSO 6.x
Server 2003 / Win XP
Passphrases are not active

SSO 7.0.3 HF4
Server 2008 / Win 7
Passphrases are active

Problem: After the migration SSO is started, but produces the following
error: 'SecureLogin encountered a authentication error'. If clicked on
yes the SSO-processes already started end again. No SSO is working.

I have a ssodebug.txt of SSO trying to start:
T(11/19/13 11:52:49) LibAuthData T3448: Attempting passphrase unlock
T(11/19/13 11:52:49) Broker T3448: SL End ADCS_ObtainPassphrase
AutoCount=0 F:.\Crypto\SSOAuthDataCryptSuite.cpp L:2057
T(11/19/13 11:52:49) BrokerInt T3448: SetUser. auth data not decrypted.
T(11/19/13 11:52:49) Broker T3448: SL End CSSOADCS_SetUser AutoCount=0
F:.\Crypto\SSOAuthDataCryptSuite.cpp L:1204
T(11/19/13 11:52:49) Broker SecureLogin hat beim Versuch der
Authentifizierung einen Fehler festgestellt. T3448: Load cache for
returned -973

ill try to clear protocom-sso-auth-data. any other ideas?

thanks in advance, florian

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