i am trying to troubleshoot problems with referencing
?syspassword(system) where error -426 is produced as the application
definition wants to enter syspassword(system).

from documentation its not clear to me how passhtrough of credentials
really works in an environment where no locally installed securelogin on
the workstation is there to talk with the client on the citrix-server.

this seems not to apply anymore:
http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7000523 ( at least do our
citrix-servers have no slina..dll in securelogins program folder ).

essentially we have two different modes of access to the 2008 r2 citrix
servers with 7.0.3 hf4 (installed in "citrix-mode"):
- pc with 7.0.3 hf4 installed locally
- network clients (linux-based thin clients) with no local securelogin

the latter group sometimes has problems with referencing
?syspassword(system) (meaning: its not there > error 426).
this (sometimes) only can get addressed by letting the
(thin-client-user) log in to a workstation (virtual/physical) with local

if i look at HKLM\software\novell\protocom\securelogin\volatile on the
citrix-server i see registry entries for logged on users. if im there
from a pc (with sso) i see one with my username and an integer (1 for
the first user, 2 for the next, ...). this key has entries like
syscontext, syspassword, ... .
if coming from a thin-client (no sso) there is the username-key, but no
entries below. nevertheless (in this test, and for most of our
thin-(network-)clients ?syspassword(system) is available.

im just a bit confused about how the whole thing really is working -
can anyone give me guidance/point out some information i was not able to
locate/... ?

thanks for any effort, florian

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