Running SecureLogin 8.0.1

I am trying to build an application definition for an ASP.Net website.
The SecureLogin client is not detecting the web application
automatically so I am unable to build a definition via the wizard. I
have tried manually creating the definition but so far those efforts
have been unsuccessful. I have checked and there is a <form> tag with
the name "aspnetForm" and the control names are all there for the input
boxes. It looks like however that the application is using master page
templates. The input box names are all ct100$body$txtLastName or
ct100$body$txtEmployeeNo, etc. I have tried with the
ct100$body$txtLastName and just txtLastName but neither option seems to
be working. I'm not sure why the client isn't seeing the application to
prompt with the wizard and I'm not sure how to build a definition that
would work. Any help would be appreciated.

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