Just got a log from our Sentinel people and I need to create a report.
I would appreciate any help pointing to the right material where I can
find the meaning of some codes within this log. Please see a sample
below, I already have a list of event field names like rv21, rv22 and so
on. The question is when it says "file opened...with rights 9; Result 0"
What are the possible values for "rights" and "result"? I I assume 0 was
a successfull file open.

Dec 5 16:38:21 Dec 5 16:38:21 na1prsifl435v.ZZZZZ.net
siem: [{"rv31":"NetWare","rv32":"OS","ei":"Rights=9; Value3=0;
MIMEtype=unknown; Server
Name=NZZZZZZZ001;","rv35":"\\ZZG\\ZZA\\ZZY\\ZZSA", "agent":"Novell
NetWare 6.1r4","rv36":"ZZSHARE\\Shares\\ZZZZi\\ZZZZi
Reports\\CALENDAR.xlsx","spt":"1323121100908","rv3 9":"unknown","repip":"","xdasclass":"3 ","msg":"User
.mZZZZ.ZZZSA.ZZ.ZZ created and opened file ZZZZHARE:\\Shares\\ZZZi\\ZZZi
Sponsorships\\Status Reports\\Monthly Calendar for
\\CALENDAR.xlsx\\MAC_RF with rights 9; Result

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