Hi All
I am another collector: Microsoft SQL Collector, and I install SQL
2005 SP3 x64 on Win2008 R2 Server...when I install completed & reboot, I
find the SQL Trace Service start fail..the error message show in the
event viewer below:
I do know Whether SQL Trace Tool Support Win2008 R2 or not ?


===========Error Message====================
Could not start trace for SQL\MSSQLSERVER
Error: "Unable initialize object to reader" (the message is Chinese
message, I try to transfer to English)。
Error at: 於
Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Trace.TraceServer.I nitializeAsReader(ConnectionInfoBase
serverConnInfo, String profileFileName)
於 SQLTraceService.SQLTraceService.TraceReader(Object
Error info:Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo

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