Long shot here. Our LM decdied to memory dump some time back (it is not
yet in support, from our companies perspective, so I have the unenviable
task of looking after it whilst working on other projects!)

Even though it said all services were running
(/etc/init.d/sentinel_log_manager status) it did not appear to be
getting events. If I tried to Login to the LM GUI it would tell ne
username and password were wrong which I knew was correct. So I rebooted
the thing and I could then log in with the credentials i used earlier
when it told me to go away. I then saw a hideous increase in EPS (3k
plus licensed for 2.5k) as no doubt it was getting the data from the
cache of the collector managers. I would say it is a medium sized estate
5 windows (grrr) CM's two 4 installed locally in ISA servers and approx
350-375 event sources of various types.

After approx 10 minutes the GUI would stop respponding i.e. graph wouls
top moving, I would exit try to log in again and I was back to same
issue sohad to reboot again, this has been going on for hours (9am until
4pm rebooting the thing, still no good).

I tried stopping the Windows CM, but I guess the data is coming from
the cache so, didn't make any difference.

I have checked server.*.log and tomcat.*.log etc and can see no
OutOfMemory errors.

Anyone have any ideas how I can kick this thing back into life. I hope
version 7 is better, had a lot of hassle with this version.



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