SLM 1.2.2 with latest Windows Collectors and Connectors

Please help me understand:

1 - is it supported or does it work if I add a 'MS AD and Windows'
Collector on a Linux-based Collector Manager ?

as per document('Novell Login'
> NOTE: In order to collect Windows events using the Windows Event (WMI)
> Connector, you will need to have at least one
> Windows-based Collector Manager system with the appropriate .NET
> libraries installed.

i.e as far as I understand, I must need Windows-based Collector
Manager... correct ?

2 - as per the WMI Connector document, Windows-based Collector Manager
is not supported
'Novell Login'
> NOTE: In Sentinel 7, the Collector Manager is supported only on Linux
> platform and therefore, the
> Windows Event (WMI) Connector can be deployed only on a Linux-based
> Collector Manger.

i.e as far as I understand, To collect logs/events from Windows
Systems, I can add 'Windows Collector' and 'WMI Connector' atop
Linux-Based Collector Manager, and additionally I need a Windows 2008 R2
machine with just the WECS installed. So Windows2008R2(WECS) will fetch
the events/data from Windows Systems and then pass over to 'WMI
Connector', which eventually pass the events to 'MS AD and Windows
Collector'.. and both the Connector and Collector are running on
Linux-Based Collector Manager.

Please correct me if I am wrong


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