I have to collect logs from MS Windows Event Sources. I don't have any
Windows Based Collector Manager, but I have installed WECS atop Windows
2008 R2.
On WECS, in eventManagement.config file I have added following line in
<client> section

<endPoint address="tcp://IP.Of.Sentinel.Server:61616" behaviorConfiguration="localhost" />

I have Added the 'MS AD and Windows Collector' and 'WMI Connector' on
my Linux CM, now should I also add the 'Event Source' with the same 'WMI
Connector' I added on Linux Machine ?

I dont find the WECS visible/available in ESM Live view ... so whats
the role of wecs in collecting logs/events from Windows Event Sources ?
should I have to add the 'WMI Connector' on WECS ? if yes then how ?
because WECS system is not available/visible in ESM Live View.

Please help.

Muhammad Sharfuddin

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