I have to setup a SLM POC with IBM AIX

IBM AIX 5.3 is configured to send the syslog events to our SLM
in /etc/syslog.conf of AIX


*.info @IP.OF.SLM.BOX

and also in /etc/services, I changed the default syslog port(514) to
1514, because SLM listens for Syslog over udp on 1514.

after doing the above IBM AIX was available/visible under
https://slmbox:8443 > Collection > Event Sources... but with Generic
Collector, I only changed the type to IBM AIX.

Now problem is that SLM only shows 5 events without any meaningful
data, i,e those messages shows the garbage, the reason could be that
messages were received when
SLM was using Generic Collector, but as I have changed the Collector to
IBM AIX, no new messages are shown in SLM search. Even I restart the
syslog daemon on AIX multiple times, at least
SLM should have received and show us the logs about the syslog restart
activity in its search.

None of us(me and customer) are AIX or SLM experts

Anyone here esp experienced with AIX and SLM, please help/assist.

Muhammad Sharfuddin

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