Hi All,

I have recently upgraded from Sentinel RD to Sentinel 7 at a customer.
In the old environment they had Sentinel RD, with SLM serving as event
data repository, and only forwarding relevant event data to Sentinel RD.
The reason for this approach was that we intended to roll out SLM
servers at a few remote sites, instead of having collector managers at
the remote sites, thereby limiting the amount of event/raw data being
sent over WAN links. The customer was previously licensed for Sentinel
RD and Sentinel Log Manager, but now seems to have only Sentinel 7 with
events based licensing.

I understand that one can use various Sentinel 7 instances at remote
sites in a similar fashion, but would like to know if there would be any
merit to staying with the current setup, with specific reference to
hardware/resource requirements, as well as additional work involved in
replacing SLM instances with Sentinel 7 instances.

Would it be possible to outline the different Sentinel 7 licensing
models here for the benefit of all who intend to embark on this route?


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