We are busy implementing Sentinel 7 at one of Novell South Africa's
clients. This client wants to use the wildcard Go-Daddy SSL certificate
that they purchased for their domain in Sentinel 7 to get rid of the SSL
Certificate error when accessing the Sentinel 7 WebUI.

I have checked the documentation and all it says is to refer to the
Jetty documentation which does not help at all. the reason is that if I
use the Jetty documentation to import the new cert, it asks for a
password, no matter what I enter is incorrect. I can use the keystore to
view the .webserverkeystore.jks file without a password.

How would one go about importing the new signed cert in Sentinel 7?
Any help would be greatly appreciated as we only have until this friday
to complete this Sentinel 7 implementation and as we are a Novell
Partner, it would be nice to be able to give the client what they want.

Kind regards,


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