Hi Guys,

I have a quick question around the non-root installer for sentinel. I
quickly tried to set up Sentinel 7 on a test VM running SLES 11 SP1, and
wanted to try the non-root installation, however after following this
through (ie. running the root pre-install component, changing user to
novell running the main installation, then running the post-install
script as root) it seems that the Sentinel service under /etc/init.d is
owned by the root user. Is this the expected behaviour ? I was thinking
that as it was the non-root install that the service script under
/etc/init.d/Sentinel would be owned by the novell user? It might be that
I have done something wrong as this was a quick installation but it got
me wondering. Has anyone else done the non-root install? Who owns the
scripts under etc/init.d? if it is owned by root and should be whats the
difference between the two installation methods then?

Thanks, look forward to your replies.

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