Event Source: SQL Server 2005 SP4

all the logs received on SLM are presented under the 'Default Severity'
... i.e if I create/drop a table, query a record, failed to
authenticate(by providing wrong password).. everything that I do on SQL
Server, comes/display with the default severity on SLM... why ? I think
there must be different severity levels for 'query record' ,
'authentication failure' and 'table creation/deletion'... while in this
setup every record comes/display under the Default Severity(the default
severity of SQL Server Collector is 3)

as per the SQL Server Collector Document (pg 11)
> Default Severity:
> Most supported input records will be mapped to a Sentinel Severity
> for easy comparison against other events. For the case where this
> cannot be determined, this parameter is used to define the default.

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