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> I'm not sure if I should've addressed this to SLES-forums instead,
> but let's try here first.

Probably, but I'm sure we can work this out.

> In SLM 1.2 appliance there is a problem taking backup using crontab.
> The actual backup_util.sh runs ok, but when trying to encrypt the
> backup using openssl there is some issue. The output is only 64kB
> large.

What is in that 64KB output? Does the 'file' command recognize it at
all? Can you paste it somewhere like SUSE Paste (paste.opensuse.org)
for us to see? What do your logs show? Can you encrypt something
without using the backup in this way to ensure everything outside of the
backup is fine?

> It's possible to "su novell -" and manually run the script
> ($HOME/bkup_d.sh) and get the desired output. When ran from "novell"
> crontab it doesn't work.

"doesn't work" how? Never runs? Returns an error? What do you see in
/var/log/messages? Can you get anything (including a one-line script
that just writes the date to a file via an absolute path) to run in this
user's crontab?

> Here's the ugly (double tar) encryption method and the link where I
> got it from:
> tar cvzf - logm-$UTCDATEDASH-e.tar.gz |openssl des3 -kfile $CKEY |
> dd of=/srv/copy/bkup/logm-$UTCDATEDASH-e-cip.tar.gz >> $BKUPLOG
> http://unixfoo.blogspot.fi/2008/06/e...g-openssl.html
> My colleague told me there has been some crontab issues with other
> NetIQ appliance products as well (at least NAM Access GW). Maybe
> somehow related?

Determining a relationship requires knowing the parties involved and
looking for common heritage; the same applies for computers. Without
anything but a product name to link the two, this seems unlikely. Since
crontab is the same on all SLES stuff I'm skeptical of the claim in the
first place, but show me the evidence and we'll go from there.

Good luck.
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