Hello all!

I'm trying to start collecting data from a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
11 64-bit version.

I'm using the logmanager version

I have installed the sentinel_64 agent on the server.

I have succeeded in creating two Event Sources, One Syslog:Map Output
and one Syslog:Map Output(Universal).

The Syslog:Map Output Event Source gives me an error message that says
"No connection detected from the source <server.web.adress>" (I do
not want to give out the real adress of the server here)

And after all this trouble installing and reading I still get nothing
collected by the logmanager, what can I have been doing wrong? and by
the way in the document "Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Sentinel
Collector Guide" it says several times how important it is to install
the "wtmpsetup script", but I can't find this script in the collector
package. Where is it?

Thanks for any direction on this matter.

Joergen Joensson

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