When the data base haven't space on disk, in logs appear (the database
and archive's file have a dedicate disk):

[...] Error saving events, cause org.postgresql.util.PSQLException:
ERROR: could not extend relation 16392/16393/1843341: No space left on
Hint: Check free disk space.
Where: COPY events_p_20121003040000, line 1:
SQL statement "COPY events_p_20121003040000 FROM
PL/pgSQL function "esec_bulk_insert" line 5 at EXECUTE statement;
reqId(DFC1AB54-EEDF-102F-9C0B-000C29474670) to In the previous 64,560ms,
*failed to insert 126 events to DB--Events were stored for later
insertion.* [...]

After free space the events are inserted in Database

If there is not space on database disk, where are the events stored?

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