Hi guys,
Firstly a little helper, if anyone is trying to read an table that
contains the data type XMLTYPE, then the query you specify in Sentinel
wont read the field directly, i.e. following wont work:

> select xmlfield from tablename;

To resolve this you can use the following method:

> select xmlfield.getCLOBval from tablename;

Atleast it worked for me

But now on to the second part, how to parse the XML received. Examples
available on the net are mostly related to parsing XML on browsers
therefore the use of "window.XMLHttpRequest()" or
"ActiveXObject(Microsoft.XMLDOM)", i.e. something like the following

> if (window.XMLHttpRequest)
> {
> xmlDoc=new window.XMLHttpRequest();
> xmlDoc.open(GET,XMLname,false);
> xmlDoc.send();
> return xmlDoc.responseXML;
> }
> // IE 5 and IE 6
> else if (ActiveXObject(Microsoft.XMLDOM))
> {
> xmlDoc=new ActiveXObject(Microsoft.XMLDOM);
> xmlDoc.async=false;
> xmlDoc.load(XMLname);
> return xmlDoc;
> }

Please let me know if there is any Sentinel specific XML parsing logic
or objects available, if so then any documentation to it would help.


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