I'm logging some events from workflows with the log activity, the
problem is that some of the information that I write in the Message
Field of the log activity of the workflow is cut without any explanation
when I catch them with SLM. I know that this field have a size limit of
4000, but my information is not longer than 500 string characters.
I find that probably some special characters are causing this messages
to crush and for an unknown reason this makes that some of the last
characters are cut in the SLM. This behavior doesn't happend when in
this field there aren't special characters, but I'm not sure that this
is the real reason.
Is this a known bug? Any workaround? I need to use in this fields some
special characters for reporting reasons.

I'm using SLM 1.2, UserApp 3.7, IDM 3.6.1

Thank's in advanced,

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