I´m trying to audit an eDir base using eDirIntrusmentation and Plataform
Agent to send events to Sentinel 7 server.

I have 5 servers doing it, but this one get the following error on
nprodutc.log when I uses ndstrace -c "load auditds" ou ndstrace -c
"unload auditds" commands:

Fri Nov 16 10:49:24 2012 [eDirectory Instrumentation]: Waiting 20
seconds for ConfigMonitor thread to finish... 0
Fri Nov 16 10:49:24 2012 [eDirectory Instrumentation]: Configuration
monitor could not read configuration, error -610.

This server runs eDir 886 hotpatch 2 over SLES 11 SP1 on 64 bit
The platform Agent version installed is Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP7 and eDir
Instrumentation´s version is novell-AUDTedirinst-8.8.6-22.

Thanks for help

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