Hi all,

I have a requirement that I need to generate reports showing what IDM
workflows have been kicked off and who claimed it and what action did
the claimer preform (approve / deny).

We have Sentinel Log Manager (1.2) collecting the IDM (4.0.1) logs from
eDir, IDM metadirectory and the UserApp.
I am able to pull information I want from the Sentinel Log Manager
front-end and I can get what info I need when I manually run queries
with known values (i.e. the workflow ID)

What if I want all information for all workflows kicked off in a certain
period (i.e. 3 months) and I want a report showing information about
who, what, when the workflow was kicked off and who, what, when an
action was performed on the workflow (i.e. when it was claimed, bu whom
it was claimed, what action was preformed etc.)

Is this possible? I have asked around and it does not look like it is...
But hopefully someone in the forums knows.

Craig Cikara

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