This release of NetIQ Vivinet Assessor resolves the following issues:

- Diagnosis ends prematurely if the diagnosis takes too long to
complete. This release resolve an issue in which you configured
Vivinet Assessor to run Vivinet Diagnostics if an issue is found, but
the diagnosis takes longer than the timeout supported by Vivinet
Assessor. No diagnosis results were returned to the Vivinet Assessor
console. With this release, the Assessor timeout was extended to ten
minutes to prevent this situation.
- User-generated charts in Analysis Console incorrectly display x-axis
data. This release resolves an issue in which charts that you created
and saved in the Analysis Console did not properly display data on the
x axis. With this release, the charts display properly.

For more information, see the 'Vivinet Assessor Product Upgrade'
( page.

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