I have been working on an authentication class and struggling mightily
for the past three days. I have both a flat spot AND a bald spot on my
head now...

I compiled the class under Eclipse and put some debugging messages in
(system.err.println("...")) and when I first defined the java class to
the nam class and the nam method and the nam contract and the protected
resource I could see my messages in catalina.out. Exxxcelllllent... says
Mr. Burns..

Then I fixed the first bug and it wouldn't load the class. I figured I
must have messed something up, I did a little hygiene, jar-ed it up
again, no joy.

At some point I decided to punt, I copied my code into a new renamed
class and loaded it. It loaded. Once. After that I could never get it to
load again.

Eventually I created a third class, that burned down, fell over then
sank into the swamp. Seriously, I create a third class, got that to load
then went back and got the first class to load but then neither one
would load nor would the second one.

Eventually I started jarring up four different variations in one jar to
see if I could get any of them to load (and could not) until one day one
would load and then it would not again on the next cycle unloading and
reloading tomcat As I am writing this I am realizing that I should at
least try separate JARs (I will do that next)

But I am wondering if NAM has overridden the Tomcat caching class
loader and there is some sort of Nouvlle persistent class loader cache I
am fighting against..? And if so, where is it so I can clear it at will
or turn it off until development is done?

I did open a support call with Novell and got a debug version of
nidp.jar to see that I am not loading due to a NoClassDef
exception...it's refusing to load the super class ( Failed to
load/execute authentication class myclassname Error:

anyone who might have been through this gauntlet who can shed light it
would be greatly appreciated...


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