I'm sorry if this is not the way to ask this question but I'm not a
developer really. I'm working in a project were customer is looking for
building an access control solution to handle requests coming from a web
content provider to their enterprise back-end.

Customer has people with some experience on other AM solutions so they
were thinking on build a service to set on top of NAM to handle requests
from a web application, evaluate them within NAM policies and then send
the response to a service who will go to back-end accordingly to that.

We were reviewing NAMC SDK and so far is not clear for us that it can
be used to build a service or custom API that can be exposed and
consumed for other service, we are only seeing that it must be consumed
as HTTP request/response.

What are the options with this SDK? can we create some service or API
to sit within NAM components and consume it from other service or app?

Thanks a lot.

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