Hey All,

I had some questions about using this sample code as a policy extension
within NAM.

First are the configuration parameters IDs the IDs specified in the
code? For example:

private static final String DEBUG_NAME = "Debug";
private static final int EV_DEBUG = 91;

In that case could I use "Debug(name) - 91(ID) - true(constant string)"
as my parameter?

Does anyone have example code or screenshots I can take a look at
because the documentation has left me stuck with no solution. Every time
I try to access my protected source I get the following error:

Status: 500 Internal Server Error
Description: Access Gateway couldn't find the needed policy from
service provider. It might be just coming up. If refreshing the browser
after a few seconds doesn't clear this error condition, please contact
your Administrator.
If this condition persists, please contact the helpdesk.

I used Netbeans and built the nxpe.jar library and my
LDAPGroupDataElement.java into one single jar file that I uploaded and

Any help would be greatly appreciated at this point.

Thank you

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