Im trying to write a custom authentication class for
BASIC/PROTECTED_BASIC, so I started with the PasswordClass sample from
SDK novell-nacm3_2-devel-2012.08.10.tar.gz, stripped out the
STSAuthenticationClass and changed the type to
AuthnConstants.PROTECTED_PASSWORD --> and it works!

public String getType() {
return AuthnConstants.PROTECTED_PASSWORD;

Next I wanted to create a custom BASIC auth class by changing the type
to AuthnConstants.BASIC / AuthnConstants.PROTECTED_BASIC

public String getType() {
return AuthnConstants.PROTECTED_BASIC;

but now IDP complains about the unsupported type.

<amLogEntry> 2012-12-20T15:11:17Z WARNING NIDS Application:
AM#300105006: AMDEVICEID#FC77EC2A45509E7B: Failed to load
authentication class due to unsupported type: ITdBasicTestClass

Im running NAM 3.2.1 single box appliance for development/testing.

There is an old thread here, that looks like the same issue:

Any hits?


PS: What i really want to solve is strip out the Domain from the
username on basic authentication since most MS apps/clients provide the
username in format DOMAIN\USER...

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