We have discovered some interesting info on the network address
attribute and are looking for some information on how we might be able
to perform some required functionality.

We are working with a client that is trying to be able to determine the
user that using a provided IP address.
The application reads the IP address and then performs a LDAP query to
eDirectory searching for the IP address.

In these example we are using an IP of

The issue we discovered is that if the user, using the Novell Client
logs into OES Netware the networkAddress is int he format of 1#(followed
by the octet string of the IP address) implying the Net Type of IP.

With this condition we have been able to query the networkaddress with a
searchfilter like:
(&(objectclass=inetorgperson)(networkAddress=1#\c0 \a8\01\79)
And this works fine.

However if this same user logs into OES Linux (or SLes 10) the
netowkraddress is of the format of 9#(with the following two octets
representing the port and the following four octets representing the IP
We are guessing on this as we can find no documentation detailing the
expected format.

When we look in iMonitor we see:
.... Present ... TCP 6

The ndstrace -c connections provides:
tcp: .jim.butler.people.willeke.com
tcp: .jim.butler.people.willeke.com (Also had a LDAP

Since we have no method I know of to determine what port the user is on
on the Linux server, I can find no method to search the networkaddress
for (networkAddress=*\c0\a8\01\79)
I get an error of:
Search failed Root error: [LDAP: error code 18 - Inappropriate Matching]

So can someone point me to some documentation on:
1. What the networkaddress is supposed to represent
2. Documentation as to what format is expected for each Net Type as
described here:

We have had quite a discussion in the eDirectory for Linux fourm on this at:

Any help would be appreciated.