hey all. hope i've got the right forum for this. software development
shop here trying to get our application to use eDirectory in the same way
that we work with Active Directory. basically, we can provide a seamless
authentication to AD by mapping users and groups in our application to
users and groups in AD.

according to one of our developers, there is something called the KDC in AD
that is the authentication mechanism so that we can access the LDAP
compliant directory. what we're trying to find is how to authenticate to
eDirectory so that we can access it's LDAP compliant directory in the same
way. we've found that there are implementations of KDC for eDirectory but
are wondering whether that's the way to go or is there some other option
like an API that would allow us to tie into eDirectory via the Novell
client or something like that.

i originally posted this in one of the support forums and someone there
mentioned that it might not necessarily be a requirement to authenticate to
eDirectory. we just want to be able to access it via our UI so that we can
map users and groups from our application to eDirectory users and groups.
that way, once the eDirectory user is logged in, they can bring up our
application and not have to type in a username or password to login.

i'm open to suggestions! please let me know.