Hi everyone,

We are trying to develop on our portal a way to use LDAP auth to
authenticate to other service using initial ldap auth information.

Here is the senario....
-we go to our portal created with asp.net on a Windows 2003 SP1 box
-from our main portals web page we auth using our netware 6.5 sp4 LDAP service.
-once inside our portal we want to be able to click on a link to a report
that is on our Business Objects XI R2 on Windows 2003 std SP1(not in AD
mode). (Business Objects is also using our netware 6.5 sp4 LDAP for

Right now we are at a point that we still have to enter our LDAP user and
pass on the Business Objects XI R2 web page before being able to view our

Hope someone can help me