I'm doing some development with the eDir LDAP event API and noticed some
memory leakage. Valgrind points the finger at ldap_parse_ds_event:

==32146== 220 bytes in 5 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 4 of 5
==32146== at 0x401CCA0: calloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:279)
==32146== by 0x404D995: ber_memcalloc (memory.c:293)
==32146== by 0x404CEEB: ber_alloc_t (io.c:271)
==32146== by 0x404CF84: ber_dup (io.c:307)
==32146== by 0x40520DB: ldap_parse_intermediate (extended.c:374)
==32146== by 0x4174176: ldap_parse_ds_event
==32146== by 0x804AD94: main (idmtrace.c:839)

Is anybody from Novell labs about that can fix this? 44 bytes per message
received may not sound like a lot, but the code is dealing with trace
messages so it gets large rather quickly. The problem exists in the latest
June 2007 libraries, as well as the LDAP libraries released in eDir
and 8.8.1.