hi all,
i m using Novell Netware 6.5 running on VMware workstation. eDirectory
verison is 8.7 and certificate server version is 3.2.0.

i am developing application on windows XP sp2 with CsharpLDAP-v2.1.8.

i have added a default serevr certificate to mono trust store, also i've
created an Trusted Root Conatiner in Security container and placed the same
certificate in this store.

after all this, i m getting error-91
{"The authentication or decryption has failed."}
while triying to bind with follwing code:

LdapConnection conn = new LdapConnection();
string login = "CN=admin, o=metafos";
conn.SecureSocketLayer = true;
conn.Bind(LdapConnection.Ldap_V3, login, "@Password@");

so, can anyone please tell what is going wrong or can suggest the detailed
step by step process to handle all this certificate related operations
needed to SSL enable bind operation.

this is very urgent for me to this job done as soon as possible.