Hi !

Actually we're working with a TCL script that do a ldap query to our
eDirectory. The query is successful, but what we find doing a dstrace is a
read error.
I wonder if somebody can help us in order to troubleshoot this error.

DSTrace log

[1970/01/01 8:10:53.293] [00009e31] <.ace.org.dummy_tree.>
LocalLoginRequest. Error success, conn: 24.[1970/01/01 6:07:27.293] ( Sending
operation result 0:"":"" to connection 0x9918d460[1970/01/01 8:10:53.298] ( DoSearch on
connection 0x9918d460[1970/01/01 8:10:53.298] ( Search
request: base: "cn=ace,o=org"
scope:1 dereference:0 sizelimit:1000 timelimit:30 attrsonly:0
filter: "(objectClass=cn)"
attribute: "1.1"
[1970/01/01 6:07:27.298] ( Sending
operation result 0:"":"" to connection 0x9918d460[1900/00/00 0:00:00.299] ( Connection
0x9918d460 read failure, setting err = -5875[1900/00/00 0:00:00.299] Monitor 0x148 found connection 0x9918d460
socket failure, err = -5875, 0 of 0 bytes read[1900/00/00 0:00:00.299] Monitor 0x148 initiating close for connection
0x9918d460[1970/01/01 8:10:53.299] Server closing connection 0x9918d460, socket
error = -5875[1900/00/00 0:00:00.300] Connection 0x9918d460 closed

We're confused about if it is an socket or read error (or both). Script
reads data ok, but the error is present into the DSTrace.