I have some questions about NMAS login method:
- can I automatically display my custom interface above Novell Client
GINA by setting my custom login method as "preferred" ?
- once i'm logged in using my NMAS method, if I recall the Novell GINA
(with let's say ctrl+alt+suppr), can I display my custom NMAS login
method interface automatically above the novell client GINA ? I would
like to be able to manage password change, biometric or smartcard
authentication from my interface.

If you can give me some useful links about these points, that would be
great (I already have some, but the more the better!)

in other words, I miss detailed development documentation about NMAS
login methods :
- when and how will my custom code will be called from the novell
- will I be able to call my already existing GINA code to integrate an
NMAS login method, etc.


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