Our environment:
Novell Netware 6.5.7
eDirectory Version
12 remote sites (each with own partition)

We have setup a netware server (non-replica) with LDAP and have our
Novell Instant messenger and Novell Teaming 2.0 server's hitting this
server to authenticate users via their novell nds login credentials.
The setup works flawlessly - until any one of the remote sites are
disconnected from the network (i.e. a network or power outage): then a
user can no longer login to IM or the Teaming Server. The LDAP server
shows (via DSTRACE) that it is unable to resolve the user's location.
All users who are already authenticated to IM or Teaming, are able to
continue working - it is just those who are trying to authenticate
during the "disconnect" who have a problem.
Now, if a user uses their FQN in the username, then LDAP is able to
authenticate, so it appears that referral gets broken whenever a remote
site gets disconnected.
Also, I have noticed the following errors whenever I try to refresh the
NLDAP server:

gethostname failed, err = -1
Configure LDAP referrals with NDS Failure Count = 1
TCP/IP is not configured correctly on this host

The etc/hosts file has the IP address and DNS hostname correctly
entered, so I am not sure what the third line is referring too.


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