I have list of doubts. I am new to novell edirectory. My requirement is
that i need to validate user with the credentials.
For this below are the steps i did
1. i installed Novell NDS (eDirectory_88SP5_Windows_x32) in Windows
2. Next i installed Novell Client (Novell Client SP1 for Windows

Now my vista is configured to Novell N/w. I am able to login thro the
Novell User credentials.

Now that i have a application where i create a DirectoryEntry
DirectoryEntry de = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://MachineName",
"Administrator", "Welcome123",

DirectorEntry object is not getting created. I have configured
ClearTextPort to 8028 and SSL port 8030. Does port number plays a
important role in DirectoryEntry object creation?

What should i do for User authentication to work? Please suggest me
some solution.

Thanks in advance,
Sunandan K

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